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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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you to come here because we will tell you the truth always. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> this is a fox news alert. we are following two big breaking news stories tonight. first an arrest has in fact been made in connection with the letters that were mailed to lawmakers, including the president, that were laced with ricin. we will have the latest on who has been taken into custody. but first tonight the fbi abruptly cancelled a press briefing a short time ago. second one today. there was a report earlier this would issue a statement but that will not happen. they have learned from a federal law enforcement source, at this hour officials are looking for two suspects in the deadly boston marathon terror attack. they are distributing photos of
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the men to the law enforcement community. however, they are not let releasing the images to the media. one is wearing a backpack and the other appears to have a bag of some kind. earlier today there were multiple reports authorities got this important piece of information from a department store surveillance video near the finish line of the marathon. we go live back to boston, our very own bill hemmer standing by. i understand it, bill, you have seen these photos? >> good evening to you. thanks to my colleague, rick, who you will speak to in a couple minutes on your program here. i have seen the picture and the images, and you can clearly see, you know, the faces of these two persons described in the report rick broke a few hours ago. but with regard to that, sean, you think about theence that wad and was postponed and later cancelled. you think about what the boston police department defeated out en its official page about 90 men's ago about a statement from the fbi that several minutes
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later then they said it will not happen. that, too, was cancelled. it's been 24 hours. not a single member of an investigating body on this story, after a major terror attack in a major american city. not a single member of the investigating body, be it the police or the fbi, have come out to brief the public or the media. i'm not suggesting that's right or wrong or good or bad. what i am suggesting, though, that there is something moving behind the scenes tonight, sean. it is quite likely that those men and women working this story, and working this investigation, they do not want to tipoff anyone right now based on the evidence that they have. but it's been a full 24 hours now and we are still waiting for more information. >> what we reported this afternoon at 1:30 was the photo they were going through and we still that is the case based on rick's reporting tonight. >> i don't think there's any doubt all are saying is true. apparently the lord and taylor right across the street, right
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in the middle of where the two bombs exploded, is playing apparently a very key role. i had a friend that described the two men in the video. one wearing a white hat. can you confirm that that is true? >> indeed, one of the two individuals in the photo is wearing a white hat, yes. >> can you give us just a general description, if law enforcement was going to ask bill hemmer for a description, how would you describe these two men? >> i would say one individual with a white hat wearing dark clothing would suggest to me it was black clothing on the top and the pants on the bottom. the other individual was not wearing a hat, but had some sort of blue track suit or jumpsuit on, as well. that's how i would describe them. >> i have seen these photo myself. they are on some other online sources. so it's interesting, especially the person when the white hat, bill. if you look closely at the backpack, there seems to be a
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protrusion about the size of a circle that could suggest that this was the pressure cooker bomb, if you will. >> i tell you, the backpack in that image you are describing, it is sizable. >> yes. >> what i would be curious to know, sean, how many different angles do they have of these individuals? are they always together or are they separate? and how many have they filed now to watch them through their movements between perhaps 2:00 and 2 do 15, 2:15 and 2:30, and 2:30, 2:45 when the timers detonated the explosions. down the street about a quarter mile you find the minute line. the lord and taylor department store is on south side of the street. both bombings occurred on the north side of the feet so this is a camera, to give you perspective, that shoots across the street and would not have an entirely clear view, but a pretty good one. >> now, as to the second -- i
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want to be very clear here. these are people that i would assume the law enforcement wants to get in touch with. there was a later photo that i am told of the person with the white has and the block suit that didn't have that backpack on. and i was also told that the other person in the bluer suit, that it was not a backpack but a blue sort of duffel bag. is that what you saw? >> that's interesting. if it was blue, and if indeed it is blue, sean, i would describe it as a dark blue, trending toward a black. which kind of fits the description of this duffel bag we were given late yesterday, that perhaps this bomb was dropped in the duffel bag before it was set off. >> bill, we will be checking back in with you and with rick leventhal on this story. we will go with fox news contributor mark furman who is with us. mark, we have two stories developing, obviously the ricin
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story that's resulted in an arrest and the new fact that the law enforcement has keyed in on at least two people here in boston. >> let's go with the first one. the letters with the ricin inside of them that were addressed to the senator and to the president, now we know they were postmarked before the bombings. so i think that would possibly bring it down from connection. and he also signed the letters in those poisonous letters with his initials, and he's a repetitive nuisance to washington, d.c. i think we can separate the two now. now going with the press conference that's been continually cancelled, the first thing is we hear they had an arrest earlier today and there was a leak or it's reported there was a leak. i think they need to find out where that leak was, and i think the press conference that they did schedule has been cancelled repeatedly because i think the
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investigation is moving rapidly and everything is changing as they speak. they can't nail down a time when it would be tactically proper to start giving information out. i think they continue to get leads and they continue to get options that they can't stop and give a press conference. it's a need-to-know basis and right now we don't need to know. >> i guess where we can conclude this is right now, mark, clearly through the video surveillance with what you and i have been discussing now for the last couple nights as playing an integral part and they have two people of interest, and i would suspect at this point in time, especially now that they found the pressure cooker, that they know the trigger device, they know what detonated it and probably know what chemicals were used or what the explosive materials were. we certainly know what the shrapnel is. this is probably moving along at a pace that we would expect,
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right? >> i think that as far as the devices, i think they knew that within hours of the bombing. they had two unexploded devices, they had two exploded devices, and i think they were pretty rapidly assessing that they were pressure cooker type bombs, that they were probably homemade explosives. and the projectiles for the fragmentation, they made that conclusion quickly. they saw what they were encased in. the videos and the still camera footage is huge because of the quality of even a cell phone camera now. they are digital and they can actually expand the image large and still have a very identifiable image. there's a biometric program that is used internationally to identify not only terrorists, but criminals. biometrics gets the whole face and hopefully the pupil, and i
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hope they have photographs like this. but they have to then photograph and actually put it in the data base. the other situation we have -- >> go ahead. >> the other situation is the cell phone. now, the cell phone is if they are sophisticated enough to have four becomes and do what they did and work in concert with two people. i would find it pretty shocking that they had a cell phone that comes back to their name. and they didn't just buy a prepaid cell phone and use that as a detonating tool or communication tool. so that might be a dead end. but they might be able to narrow down and eliminate all the cell traffic so they know that's the case. >> you know janet napolitano said this was not part of a broader threat to the country. i find that a little bit hard to believe. i'm a little incredulous, to be honest about it, because it almost sounds like the case of
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major where they wouldn't acknowledge what the case was, said it was workplace violent, but to have this followed up by a senator getting ricin mailed to him and followed up by the president and perhaps other politicians, don't we have to assume, mark, they are all interrelated and interconnected at this point? >> well, i'm not sure if the letters are interconnected considering the source of the letters. but i think to have janet napolitano say that there is not a larger plot. the larger plot is to kill all americans so i would say that's a larger plot. the homegrown terrorism, we keep hearing this word being used. homegrown terrorism is actually a goal of al-qaeda. if you look at their magazine "inspire" they have had articles in there how to recruit americans that can freely go across borders and go undetected into locks to do reconnaissance, planning and bombs. they recruit people with radical
6:11 pm
ideologies and suck them into their beliefs to do their bidding in this country. so homegrown terrorism means very little to me. why they do it means very also. they are terrorists, they are terrorists. if they believe in the same ideology, what's the difference? . >> i know a lot of people are trying to come up with an answer whether or not this is domestic or foreign. to me a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist here. but the online magazine to which you refer, the terrorist there list when had he called the most important enemy targets, and specifically said the targeting of human crowds to inflict maximum human losses, and he said, this is very easy since there are numerous such targets such as crowded sports arenas. obviously that would at least be similar here. and i think some were very quick to dismiss the possibility that this could be at least inspired by somebody who had that type of agenda. thoughts? >> i think you are right, sean.
6:12 pm
not only does he say that in those articles, he also talks about the internet shrinking the world and actually making it very accessible for not only communication but recruitment. so when we talk about domestic terrorism, homegrown terrorism, i think we are being a little foolish. there's no such thing. the world has shrunk. the world has shrunk down to an eight hour span to get anybody between europe, the middle east and the united states. it's not that world anymore where terrorism is only abroad. it can be here and it can be with sympathizers. that makes them a terrorism and makes them a foreign-based terrorist. >> let me ask you one last question about the pressure cooker bomb. what are the other things that law enforcement would be look for that somebody may have purchased, the explosive side of this? for example, the detonation device? what are the things, mark, they are looking for that maybe somebody locally was purchased, if they can, for example,
6:13 pm
determine where this pressure cooker was purchased, would they also be looking for somebody like x, y or z? what would it be? >> sean, you look at this, you know, they could do this over days, weeks or months. but if one person is seen buying certain items that collectively you can make a conclusion that the only thing they are doing is building a bomb. oh, they buy a are pressure cooker, a 25-year-old guy buying a pressure cooker. he's not going to make jam. so that's unusual. he pays cash. maybe he's on a video. that same person goes into a home depot or any kind of a lowe's, hardware store, and buys a certain battery that only they cell or a certain type of wire. they have recovered these items so they will be able to narrow down which stores offer which items. and the fbi has a complete inventory of anything that's ever been used in any bomb
6:14 pm
anywhere. >> mark, stay there. we will be back to you later in the show. we will have mark furman back and we will also check in with rick leventhal. he saw the pictures of two people obviously of interest to the fbi. and break news related to the ricin scare in washington tonight. we've learned an arrest has been made. when we come back we will go back live to d.c. for a complete up date on that report. we will check in with law enforcement experts and why authorities are now refusing to release photos of the two suspects that are make their way around the police departments and law enforcement personnel? what's behind the strategy? you will find out next right here on hannity. i turned 65 last week.
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>> this is a fox news alert. the fbi has cancelled the highly anticipated press briefing that they were expected to hold earlier this evening. after waiting all day for word from law enforcement about the latest developments on the possible suspects, we must and why would they cancel the briefings. we write in a people of law enforcement experts, rod wheeler, james redick. it seems law enforcement is now distributing pictures of two people. i believe i have seen these pictures. it seems to me that they are getting closer, and they probably don't need to tell the press.
6:19 pm
probably a wise decision? >> i think so. i think it's a very good strategy. initially law enforcement was probably thinking if they released these photographs, maybe somebody would recognize these two individuals. however, mark furman hit on an interesting point. he talked about video imaging and identification technology. that technology is used by the boston police department and every major police department. what we can basically do, we can take an image of an individual, which i think is what they are doing here, and we can run them through a database. if they have ever been arrested anywhere in the united states, we can pretty much determine who they are. so i think that's what they are doing at this time, sean. >> what do you think, james? >> yeah. and there's your passports, driver's license, a number of resources that they can go. data banks are very extensive at this point in time. with respect to the press conference, you know, i think over the last couple of days they are a little dismayed about the amount of information that
6:20 pm
has been released and of it by mistake. i think they are reacting and recalling back a little bit. >> it's a very bizarre period this afternoon where you had media all over the place. we have suspects, he's on his way to the courthouse, he's not on his way to the courthouse, he is on his way to the courthouse, persons of interest, and then it all got pulled back. which maybe it's telling us they are getting close, maybe somebody opened their mouth and maybe said something to the press that they shouldn't have said? >> exactly. >> the problem is, sean, guys like yourself, news media, you are very good at probing questions. after a while they feel very uncomfortable age saying anything. so they naturally pull back. >> that's fair. you know, i want them to find these people, whatever they are. i want these people arrested so we know that cities are safe. rod, you wanted to weigh in. go ahead. >> you are exactly right, sean a the problem here, a lot of times citizens don't understand that in investigations like this it
6:21 pm
takes a while. it's not going to happen in 48 hours like we see on television. i think the police department, the fbi, i think they are doing the right and prudent thing by taking their time. they are probably identifying who they are and may be surveilling them. we don't know that. but at the same time i think we need to be a little cautious, slow up a little bit and continue to do our investigation. >> thank you, guys. appreciate your insight, as always. now when we come back, big story number two tonight. we will have an update from washington d.c. a city on high alert that was on high alert earlier today after a number of other letters now containing ricin were, in fact, discovered and one was even addressed to president obama. an arrest has been made tonight. we have all the late-breaking developments all coming up here tonight on "hannity."
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>> the frenzy over an alleged suspect in the boston bombing is not only thing grabbing headlines today. a suspect was arrested in mississippi for mailing letters containing ricin to washington d.c. the two letters, one addressed to the president himself and one addressed to senator rodger wicker were intercepted by an off-site mailing facility."
6:26 pm
they were postmarked in tennessee. the suspect is identified as paul kenneth curtis. for more we go live to washington d.c. for the very latest with mike. >> sean, good evening. fbi announced an arrest in this case this evening. today at approximately 5:00 p.m. special time special agents arrested paul kevin curtis, the individual believed to be responsible for the mailings of the three letters sent through the u.s. postal inspection service which contained a granular substance that preliminarily tested positive for ricin. the letters were addressed to president obama, senator rodger wicker and a judge in that state. they are likely sent from a writer who is a frequent writer to federal officials. two letters were quite similar. both letters determined to be similar based on targets, post marks and et cetera. both are postmarked out of
6:27 pm
memphis, tennessee on april 8, 2013. both letters signed, quote, i am k. c. and i approve this message." at the white house here is jay carney's take. >> there was a letter. the off-site facility feeted a suspicious substance and a test was undertaken. the fbi has the lead this that investigation. >> with lawmakers and law enforcement on edge, multiple senate offices had reports of suspicious mail today, including this phoenix, senator jeff flake from arizona. >> there was no harmful substance on the letter, but the letter with ricin was sent from tennessee to senator wicker. this letter came from tennessee with no return address and with an oily substance on it. so it was troubling, and my staff alerted authorities, as they should have, and it was
6:28 pm
tested. >> just minutes ago, senator wicker issued a paper statement thanking the fbi and capitol police for their professionalism and decisive action in keeping his family and his staff safe. he thanks the people of mississippi for their prayers and thoughts at this time. sean. >> thanks for being with us. joining me more with mr. on this and reaction from the dealing story we have new york congressman peter king along with the chairman of the house homeland security committee, congressman mccall. congressman, it's hard four me to wrap my arms and part mental eyes this, although many seem to be, and that is we have the boston terror attack on monday, we have the ricin first attack on tuesday and another one sent to the president, maybe others on wednesday. i find, it's hard for me to separate them. >> well, it's similar, in my judgment, to the anthrax attacks after 9/11 which turned out to
6:29 pm
have no correlation whatsoever. the evidence in the briefings i have had show that there really is no connection between these two. however, this is a very serious matter, sending ricin to members of congress. and 9/11 we established an outside mail facility where this can be confiscated, and it works. it's protected members of congress. but the capitol is on a high state of alert right now. >> congressman king, does it sound like an odd coincidence to you? >> yeah. but i agree with mike mccall. all the law enforcement people i have spoken to, these are two unrelated events. it does remind me back to 2001 where we had the 9/11 attacks and shortly after that we had the anthrax arriving on capitol hill. again, i think these off-campus facilities, if you will, that stop the mail and protect not just congressmen and senators, but staff members.
6:30 pm
dom daschle staff, some of his staff are still sick from the anthrax they inhaled. i do think it's a coincidence. >> back to the terror attack in boston, you were one of the early voices to the that were warning people in fact the crazy back and forth in the media, we have a suspect, he's on his way to the courthouse, all of that that was going on, you were saying, no, hold on a second. how do you interpret what is going on right now and that is the cancelled, for example, briefings by the fbi and now law enforcement, they have been distributing the pictures of these two individuals. your thoughts? >> you know, we don't really know why they canceled it. of course, cnn got out a little ahead of themselves with some -- you know, whenituck to the fbi they told me we do not have a suspect in custody. >> then how does that happen, then? >> well, i think a couple things going on, sean. i do think that with the surveillance cameras at lord and taylor, with the photos they
6:31 pm
have obtained from individuals on the street, i do think they have photographs of the suspects. that's just my guess. and i think at some point that's going to be released to the public. there's another theory that they do have somebody in custody that's now cooperating, and that's why they delayed this press conference. but quite honestly, we don't know the answer to that. it would be kind of irresponsible for me to go further than that. >> congressman king, let me go to you. they are distributing pictures of two men to law enforcement that has not been released to the media as we confirmed at the top of the show with our own rick hemmer. rick has seen the photos both are describing what i have seen myself and has been described to me by my contacts. what are we to make of that? does that give us hope that perhaps we are getting closer to finding the people responsible for this terrorism? >> sean, i have great faith in
6:32 pm
the fbi and boston police. fbi is really on this. i have no doubt that it is going to be much sooner rather than later that they are going to resolve this case. and also, i don't blame them. i don't know exactly why they pulled back on the news conference. but i remember back in 2010 with the times square bomber and there was a lack of security, people in the administration started leaking out information as to who the target was. and that's when he found out, and he found out he was being targeted and he took off for the airport. and until he heard it on the media from what the administration was leaking out, he didn't know he was a target. so i don't want to tip these guys off if we do know who they are, and again, maybe they are being followed to see if there are others involved. i give the fbi the benefit of the doubt here. >> and you didn't say merchants selling ball bearings and beauty products should notify the police. that doesn't sound like you. did you say that? >> no, there was a list of products.
6:33 pm
>> ball bearings, bb guns, pressure cookers? >> sean, no. sean. >> i didn't think you said it. i didn't think so. >> let me tell you what i did say. these products are bought in large amounts by certain people. ray wants that reported. and some beauty products is what was going to be used to blow up the subways in 2009. they are products that can be used in bombs. if they are bought in certain amounts by certain people, police want that reported. you have all these merchants working with the police departments. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate your insight tonight. coming up next, we will head back to boston. our very own rick hemmer is standing by tonight. he's seen the photos of the two suspects being sought by authorities. i will ask him about that when we return. and plus the former officer of the nypds bomb squad, he will join us in the studio. we will talk about the devices used in the attack, what exactly is a pressure cooker bomb.
6:34 pm
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>> this is a fox news alert. after standing by all day for a press briefing from the fbi on the status of the investigation and the possible suspects, the news conference was abruptly cancelled just a few hours ago. fox news has learned that law enforcement has obtained photos of two potential suspects in monday's deadly becoming. so the very latest on the images, we go back to our very own rick leventhal who has seen the photos with his own eyes. rick, what do you know? >> sean, what i know is that this photo is being distributed among law enforcement. it identifies two persons of interest, possible bombers from monday. i'm not going into descriptions
6:39 pm
of the men in the photographs because we don't want to jeopardize the fbi's investigation. my suspicion is the fbi cancelled its press briefing and statement and isn't talking now because it's focused on the investigation and doesn't want to jeopardize it. as we saw earlier from the fbi's statement that it released this afternoon, the agency appears to be angry about miss reporting that went on this afternoon. some local and some national media reporting that in fact a suspect was in custody and had been arrested when apparently that's not true. so the fbi cancelled its briefing. my source shared the photo with me, one of the photos with me that depicts these two men at the scene. it seems pretty clear that law enforcement is very intent on talking with these guys. we don't know if they have identified them. we don't know if they were cornered them or if they are in custody at this hour but these are two people the fbi is very interested in talking to. >> i spoke with my sources on the ground, and they described pretty much what you have seen, as well. and i have also seen the photos
6:40 pm
of the people we are talking about. rather than talk about the description of the individuals, i want to focus in tick on the one black backpack. very big. seemingly like the size of the bomb that we now know was used in this particular incident, and more importantly, a protrusion which would number the middle which would seem to fit the description at least trying to guess what's inside a backpack by that one little piece. can you at least industry that aspect of it? because i think our audience would be well-served by hearing it. >> well, sean, yesterday the fbi told the world that they are looking for a couple of guys, asking for help from anyone who may have seen a couple guys carrying what appeared to be very heavy bags. they reported that they believed the two bombs were contained in black backpacks or knapsacks and that those bags would have been very heavy because of the nature of the bombs. the backpack you are describing and the photo that we've seen
6:41 pm
does appear to be a very heavy backpack. >> very heavy with a protrusion. >> yes. doesn't mean that's the guy but there is also a report about a suspect being seen on a surveillance video placing a bag down prior to the explosion taking place and it may match the person in the photograph. they may have gone back from that photo to find a photo or another image of these suspects together in one place and that is what led them to this picture that may identify the two people responsible for the bombings. the important thing here is not that the media have the latest information, but -- >> to get the guy. >> the important thing is, yes, that they find the people responsible for this. the last one i think anyone wants is to jeopardize the investigation and to send the guys underground. >> i have already are report on other media sources and am
6:42 pm
monitoring it closely here. thank you. >> thank you. >> as we wait word who was responsible for monday's attack, the question that begs to be answered," does the boston bombings have the trademarks of an al-qaeda inspired strike. we bring back mark furman, terrorism expert steam emerson. steve, i'm angry at the left for their speculation, almost hope, speculation and almost hoping that, oh, it's some right wing wacko that they can demonize. i don't want to go down that road but certain fingerprints in terms of bombs that are used, certain patterns. al-qaeda is known for not just one attack but multiple attacks, one right after another. anything that you see in this indent that maybe points in your mind any one direction? >> there are things that point in both direction. there are many incongruous things here. usually al-qaeda likes to hit as many people as possible, which means hitting a bugs, a
6:43 pm
stadium, a large concentration of people like in times square, not in an open park area. that doesn't seem to fit the m. o., yet the bomb seems to have been taken -- it's design taken from "inspire" magazine put out in the arabian peninsula. let me throw out another curveball. remember the saudi they initially arrested or at least detained, and i reported. >> the saudi national. >> yeah. and then it was determined he had no -- there was no involvement and they made a statement to that effect? well, i just learned from my own source that is he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next tuesday, which is very unusual. >> whoa, whoa. you learned that that saudi national is going to be -- >> yes. >> -- deported on national security? >> that's right. >> hang on because there was a report tonight that i found odd and that was obama was meeting with the foreign minister, prince, earlier tonight, and it
6:44 pm
was not on obama's schedule. >> that's interesting because this is the way things are done with saudi arabia. you don't arrest them, you deport them because they don't want to be embarrassed. >> nobody gets to be deported on national security grounds, especially after a terror attack, until we've concluded whether or not that person could have been responsible, right? >> well, the political immunity -- >> mark? >> he wouldn't have political immunity. >> all right. mark furman. >> the immunity of people that are connected to a consulate or related to people that are in the saudi government, i think that the united states government has a lot of discretion, and i think that they grease the wheel a lot because the saudis are one of our biggest allies in the middle southeast we want to keep them that way. >> excuse me, on national
6:45 pm
security grounds, if this is something that's going to happy think this is something the american people need to hear about ahead of. steve, are you sure of this report? how did you find it out tonight? >> i found it out by a senior official in the agency that's conducting the investigation. that's ice, immigration and customs law enforcement. >> that's a big story. >> it is and the question is why is he not being prosecuted as opposed to being deported. >> fox hasn't confirmed it yet but we will be following up and i will call you immediately after the program. coming up, according to reports authorities have uncovered what appears to be the lid of one of the improvised explosive devices that was used in monday's terror attack. it was found on a rooftop. when we come back i will be joined by a panel of experts, including the former expanding officer of the nypds bomb squad often ity, kimberly guilfoyle is with us and an fbi agent. that and more straight ahead. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> this is a fox news alert. we are learning more and more about the explosive devices used in the dead bailout terror attack and the bombs were indeed made from pressure cooker, which we believe to be the case, authorities say making one would only take about 30 minutes for someone who knows what they are doing. also tonight investigators are
6:50 pm
exploring whether the bombs could have been assembled near the scene of the attack because transporting them could trigger a premature detonation. here for analysis, co-host of the five, our own kimberly guilfoyle and former nypd bomb squad officer mr. white. what do you got. >> i brought in the materials mentioned in the reports and some of the materials we have. i want to state that first i'm not saying these are the particular elements. >> these are what were mentioned, we understand. >> and they were talking about low explosives. here's a representation of one of the easiest pounds of low explosives that's used lawfully and legally throughout the united states. and there's a simple timer and circuit board, dirt cheap available anywhere. if it was to be cracked open you
6:51 pm
would see there's a bit of that green common circuit board all over the place, and some of the pictures we've seen of the actual components recovered, there was a power source and some wiring associated it. >> you worked your expertise. by the way, anyone who works in the bomb squad is nuts, but thankfully you guys do that job. it is a thankless and important job. >> i'm not a bomb technician, but i work terrorism cases. >> the bbs, the pellets, the ball bearings, the a nails town flick maximum damage, so easy to make. >> there are resource like a cookbook and a lot of reporting about "inspire" magazine and i haven't sat down and googled how to make a bomb out of a crock pot, but i assume there's probably multiple sources on how to make that and other type of explosives readily available on the internet. as was mentioned, you know, the
6:52 pm
components, you get them at home depot, whatever. >> kimberly, of avoided turning anything political here because i'm so angry at the left for doing that, and i'm not trying to be flippant or facetious here, but it does relate to this whole discussion about the gun debate in this country. are we going to ban pressure cooker and ball bearings and bbs and pellets and nails? it seems if somebody wants to commit evil, they will find a way to do it. >> an exacto knife. >> a sharp, blunt office. >> yeah, and they will go to area that are camera free zones. there is a lot of a discussion about people having cameras up, infringement of their rights, but would you rather see little bisque blown up? it's a small price to pay. and signature details of bombs, they will be able to track down exactly where those items were purchased, and that's going to help lead them to the individual
6:53 pm
or individuals responsible for this. >> were you shocked that the pressure cooker was so much of it stayed intact, but yet the massive explosion that took place that took lives, that ripped off people's limbs, and yet it stayed intact in a pretty significant way? >> in the cases i handled, i was a prosecutor for the explosives detail for the l.a. d. a.s office and san francisco, and you will be surprised how much of those bombs actually remain intact. they are able to get a lot of information, as you saw there. they can retrieve dna evidence and other materials that can be praised back to the suspect in a prosecution. >> when we come out, i want to ask you the legal size about anywhere an dieing who they find or if they are viewed as an enemy combatant. i want to ask you more about the bombs and the investigation. news is just in about a explosion at a fertilizer plant in waco, texas. more about that when we come
6:54 pm
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>> this is a fox news alert. more breaking news tonight. the texas department of public safety is reporting that there have been two major explosions at a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. emergency crews are beginning to respond and the dps says there are major injuries and multiple structures are involved in this, whatever explosion took place tonight. there's no word yet on what caused the explosion, but obviously a fertilizer plant can be extremely volatile. we will continue to monitor this story, but in the meantime our focus turns back to the terror attack in boston. we ten with former fbi agent, tom, and kimberly guilfoyle and former nypd bomb squad commander mr. white. >> any chemical plant has different materials that if not properly stored or mixed improperly, they will get out of
6:59 pm
control. in grain silos it's a dust explosion or mixes a simple spark will set it off. >> the ricin case, the terror attack in boston and then you hear this, immediately my antennas go up. should it? >> we have been able to rule out, the fbi has said the ricin and the boston case have nothing to do with each other. >> what a strange coincidence. kimberly, these are terrorists that attacked the boston marathon. look, i have no doubt under obama they will get their miranda rights read to them, but should they? >> if they are declared enemy combat evans, are we dealing with domestic or foreign origin. are we naturalized is the sense of the united states which we have seen in other individuals who have committed acts of terror against the united states. if they are anne
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